htaccess Example to Capture Directories

I thought i’d post an .htaccess example of regular expression good practice when trying to identify a directory structure, typically when you need to create a 301 rewrite rule. In the above URL you want everything below the /category

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Empty Keywords

It’ no good i’ve got to have a rant!  I usually let things go past me, but sometimes I see a site and i’m incensed how easy it is to get away with empty services.  This isn’t some kind of reverse psychology for my

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How to Twitter For Business & Grow a Following

Guide on how to Twitter for business Twitter has grown to be a perfect tool for businesses from all sectors and size.  Tweeting is easy from desktop or mobile device.  But how to Twitter for business effectively takes a little

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Keyword Research – Google is your friend

Effective Keyword Research Finding the right keywords to optimise for is no mean feat, and there is no single tool with definitive answers.  But I have found that for the best starting point and ending point in keyword research Google

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Title Tag Basics

Getting to grips with the title tag One key element of any on-page optimisation has to be the title tag found in the <head> section of the page, which is part of the overall HTML code.  The title tag provides

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3 Things I Hate About My Website

Thousands are starting up new businesses every year, from mobile hairdressers to dog walkers, but not all feel they have to rely on the Internet.  Creating a website becomes one of those ‘also ran’ jobs that can be cobbled together

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10 Top WordPress Plugins You Must Have

WordPress is a completely free open source blogging tool and content management system.  With the ability to install custom made plugins and themes WordPress can be used very successfully to create fully functional websites.  Make life easier by installing some

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Requested URL Was Not Found On This Server – WordPress

Error Accessing WordPress In Browser A common issue that comes up every now and again is the failure to be able to load any WordPress pages in the browser after a new installation and configuration.  Usually the culprit originates from setting permalinks

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What is .htaccess?

What is Hypertext Access (.htaccess)? If you are running a website on a Linux server you are more than likely to be running on an Apache web server; some Windows servers also have an Apache web server installed.  It is possible to control the

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SEO Certified Professional

Are We Certified? You might be forgiven for thinking this is the opportunity Garner SEO is going to take to swoon you with some high quality certification  on SEO methods and practices.  A great opportunity to stand head and shoulders

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