PPC Management

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is an integral part of online advertising.  With the ability to create instant above the fold ads there is huge potential to generate highly targeted traffic to explicit conversion optimised landing pages.

The leading players for PPC are Google, Yahoo! And Bing; with Google Adwords the most dominant advertiser.

GarnerSEO creates and manages highly targeted PPC campaigns that will convert traffic to sales cost effectively.  This is achieved from the ground up by focusing on –

  • Relevant and highly focused keywords
  • Call to action ad copy
  • Targeted landing pages
  • Conversions
  • Ongoing optimisation of CPC and conversion

This is achieved and only possible with dedicated PPC management using sophisticated tracking of campaigns, along with analysis of metrics and conversion data. There are many aspects of a PPC account that can be optimised in order to reduce costs, in some cases profoundly reduce.

It can be difficult to optimally manage PPC campaigns in-house and more often than not there are significant levels of CPC wastage, poor management of keywords and poor conversion rates.  Typically this comes down to lack of experience and dedicated skill.  This mistake can be very costly.  The other major problem with in-house management is focussed time!

Garner SEO works as part of your team when engaged in PPC management, working closely to understand the business and the specific goals.  This includes setting the appropriate budget with cost per conversion feasibility analysis.

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