Decline in organic traffic

Has there been a drop in organic traffic? Has the decline been at key moments or has there been a steady decline over a long period of time?  Maybe both!

It is impossible to repair the situation without determining what is causing the problem in the first place.  It could be one of Googles penalties; it could be a knock on effect from a penalty applied to a linking neighbour.  It could be down to on-site technical issues or poor optimisation.  Finally it could even be down to search behaviour.   In some cases there is a mixture of some or all of those factors.

Why has traffic dropped to the website?

The most important task is to identify when and why there has been a drop in traffic.  A good starting point is to analyse analytics data, to see if there are any apparent clues why organic traffic has declined.  Working with a variety other tools including Google Search Console also helps determine key indicators, so that the exact reason or reasons for the decline can be identified and explained.  Analysing all data from as many sources as possible is vital to pinpoint specific issues.

So we know what has caused the traffic drop, what next?

Once the drop in traffic can be explained it can usually be fixed.  If the issues are related to Penguin it may be necessary to carry out a careful audit of all backlinks.  If Panda is apparent then all pages and content will need to be assessed for substance and quality.   In very rare cases it is possible that the previous implementations and actions have been so toxic that the only choice is to start over again, but this is not common and should not be considered without very good reason.

More often than not there is a knee jerk reaction to over fix an issue, which in many cases is not needed and the result can bring more harm to the website.  With careful assessment and qualified changes recovery is possible, allowing the website to thrive.

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