What is the Panda algorithm?

The Panda algorithm is all about quality of the website.  To be of value a website should have high quality original content.  There are several factors which impact the possibility of falling foul of Panda, including –

  • Thin content – lack of contentPanda image for Google update
  • Re-written – duplicating existing content chasing variations of the keyword
  • Accuracy of content – factual inaccuracies, grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Originality – spun content not adding any real value
  • Copied content
  • Out of context – content created for the sake of content not on topic
  • Trustworthiness
  • User experience – advertising and contrived navigation to manipulate user
  • Slow loading pages

Some of these issues are obvious and some are quite insidious and more difficult to identify.  Typically there may be a mixture of issues causing a site to be hit by Panda.

Using a variety of determining signals Google introduced the Panda algorithm back in February 2011 followed by a series of smaller updates.  Today the algorithm refreshes very often and is not announced unless there is a major change introduced.

Can a site recover from a Panda penalty?

Identifying the cause is key.  Because there can be varying on-site issues triggering Panda the drop in traffic may not be a big single event but smaller drops over a period.  The same applies to Panda recovery, new updates allow recent changes to partially lift the site out of the penalty, followed by further repair and recovery.

As with Penguin a thorough audit needs to be carried out, but this time on-site in order to identify and isolate any issues that could get on the wrong side of Panda.  Once identified a strategy can be put into place to resolve each identified element.

Quality is at the core of Panda and if all the mentioned factors are considered there is no reason to doubt a recovery.  Google is in charge of each and every website it shows in the results so there is no guarantee, but working to the guidelines will put the site in a very strong position.

Garner SEO has extensive experience in recovering websites hit with Panda as well as other on-site technical issues hampering organic ranking.

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