How to Twitter For Business & Grow a Following

Guide on how to Twitter for business

Twitter has grown to be a perfect tool for businesses from all sectors and size.  Tweeting is easy from desktop or mobile device.  But how to Twitter for business effectively takes a little more planning and determination.

Do I really need Twitter

Well, erh yes!  Remember a few years back when many businesses were questioning the need to have a website?  This great infographic gives a great case study of the reach, benefit and scale of Twitter showing just why and in part how to Twitter for business.  Scaled either way it provides a great insight of the potential for any business.  A revenue increase of 4091% between 2009 and 2012 directly from Twitter is pretty amazing and indicative of the potential.


Creating the right @accounts

The size and complexity of the business in part determines the Twitter @accounts needed to grow an overall following.  Having a single account that handles customer service, corporate updates and news can not only confuse a following but cause problems in the response management of Twitter.

Typically break down accounts into groups that can be managed effectively.

  • Corporate – tweets about high level company information (buy-outs, personnel change)
  • Customer Service – vital account as bad news spreads fast and users expect a fast effective response
  • Products – large e-commerce sites can relay all product additions and amendments
  • Employee – the personal voice of the business, the passion, knowledge and authority

Groups can be combined depending on the size and scope of the business, but a customer service account should always be separated out and constantly monitored.

Response times

A recent report by Social Habit has shown that 67% of surveyed Twitter users expect responses within 24hrs, 42% expect a response within an hour, with 32% expecting a reply within 30 minutes.  These stats are highly relevant for support, complaints and urgent customer service.

A separately managed and monitored Twitter account purely for customer services can prove to be invaluable. By default it is not personalised, it can be monitored by more than one member of staff and acted on promptly.


How to Twitter for business [infographic]

A well managed Twitter account is good for business.  It makes the business genuine, approachable, reliable, trustworthy, knowledgeable, caring and real to the customer.  The best practices infographic sums up what it takes to thrive in the Twitter community and visualises the documented best practices direct from Twitter.


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